Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wild Country Organics

We were thrilled to see the first tomatoes arrive last week from our good friends Wild Country Organics in Abington.

Plum tomatoes & black Tomatoes from Wild Country Organics.
Also pictured are Yellow submarine and Gardner's delight from Snakehall Farm
Certified organic since 1998, Wild Country is a family farm comprising 5 acres of glasshouses.  Their award winning spinach and pak choi can be found in Arjuna all year round. 
Earlier in the summer we received beautiful edible (courgette) flowers, and our fridge is currently brimming with their superlative fresh basil, sorrel and parsley.
Wild country's aubergines are also big on character! 
We can't wait to see what comes in over the next few months! so please call in and see what inspires you. 

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