Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Cambridge loaf has arrived!

We're very excited to announce the first delivery of The Cambridge Loaf, a very special bread from our friends at Cobs Bakery, and the newest addition to our range of artisan organic breads.

A brown Sourdough boasting wheat grown at Wimpole Hall, milled at Maud Foster windmill in Swaffham Prior and baked by Cobs Bakery in Cambridge, this loaf is produced all within just 30 miles.

Satisfying and balanced, we think this little bread is going places! & will be available here every Tuesday and Friday. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fanfare please..Fair Trade Fortnight 2014 finishes today

As Fairtrade fortnight 2014 draws to a close and spring feels truly on it's way, we would like to renew our commitment to sourcing the widest range of fairly traded goodies possible for you.

Arjuna believes urgently in the influence of the consumer to bring about positive change, greater economic equality and trade justice.  We're proud to support pioneering companies of integrity like Tropical Wholefoods and Zaytoun and would like to thank you for helping us continue to do so.

The end of an era

Today feels quite historic and a little poignant for after nearly 40 years of delivering lovingly baked unpretentious bread to us, local baker Maskell's are closing.

From their comforting white tin loaf, to their rye with caraway seeds, there is a lot of affection for Maskell's, and those who love it, really love it.

The Bakery opened originally on Mitcham's Corner and baked their first loaf in 1936. Their reliable bread has been a source of nostalgia for many who have grown up in Cambridge and for those who have left.

Arjuna wish all at Maskell's well.