Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Talented people who work at Arjuna #1 Kathrin Lang

In the first of a new series, meet some of the talented people who work at Arjuna.

Arjuna has always attracted creative people.  Our iconic logo and the mural which some of you may remember from the café, were all the work of past Co-op members.  Many of our loyal customers are artists too, notably Sam Motherwell whose beautiful linocut of our shop graces this blog and our Facebook page

If you visited us on the day of the last Mill Road Winter Fair, you might have seen our exhibition featuring the work of present Co-op member and artist in residence Kathrin Lang

Kathrin is a freelance illustrator and a graduate of The Cambridge School of Art.  Her beautiful work has a strong narrative flair, drawing on fairy tales, theatrical and surreal imagery, and poster art.

Her evocative work was recently included in the exhibition "Stories begging to be told"at Changing Spaces on Norfolk Street, whilst her work has also appeared at the Ruskin Gallery, Sixbells and Jolly Scholar in Cambridge, and New Designers in London.

To see some of Kathrin's portfolio visit her wonderful website

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