Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Aladdin's Cave

Arjuna Wholefoods is possibly the only place in Cambridge where you can buy a single bay leaf, or just one vanilla pod!

Famous on Mill Road, our herbs and spices are sold from the jar limiting excessive packaging and allowing you to buy only as much as you need.

So if your recipe calls for just a pinch of paprika, or a touch of thyme, you can measure out and buy exactly what you need. We find our customers really enjoy weighing out their own herbs, and we're very proud of our range, and value for money.

As well as herbs for culinary use, you'll also find a myriad of medicinal herbs such as Valerian helpful for treating Insomnia, or Meadowsweet believed to help with arthritis.

So why not come in with your empty jam jars, or help yourself to one of our recycled paper bags, and take home some colour for your kitchen cupboard!


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