Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reasons to buy Zaytoun...

`They planted so we eat, we plant so they eat'
Palestinian proverb

Zaytoun is an award winning fair trade company sourcing artisan produce from Palestine.  In 2009 they launched the first Fair trade olive oil in the U.K, and have since added couscous, dates and soap to their range.  Working closely with farmers who cultivate some of the oldest olive groves in the world (some trees are believed to be as old as 1500 to 2000 years), their work with women's co-operatives in Palestine has earned them several awards including "The Ethical Women in business award", whilst the superlative quality of their olive oil has been recognised by The Soil Association.

Mahmoud Issa, an olive farmer near Jenin puts its simply when he says;

"The zaytoun, the olive, means everything to us. My father and my grandfather farmed on this land, and now my children work alongside me harvesting. We can't do anything about our political situation but we can improve our economic situation.”

Not only does Zaytoun support and encourage local farmers through fair trade, but wherever possible tries to ensure all labeling and packaging also takes place in Palestine, creating further employment.

Arjuna is proud to support Zaytoun, and sells medjoul dates, cous cous and our personal favourite Za'atar!

A wonderfully versatile seasoning of thyme, toasted sesame and sumac, za'atar is great with roasted vegetables, added to houmous or simply with olive oil (zaytoun of course) and some crusty sourdough bread (we'd recommend our excellent Dovecote bakery loaf)

But don't take our word for it. Tasting is believing.  So next time you need olive oil call in and take home some Zaytoun. 

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