Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Where does our organic produce come from? A little about Snakehall farm

Every spring at Arjuna we excitedly await our first delivery of seasonal produce from the wonderful people at Snakehall Farm.  As the summer days go by, the deliveries get bigger and bigger as more and more delicious organic produce arrives, culminating in a small invasion of vibrant squashes and smashing pumpkins (sorry).

But it's not just the quality and freshness of the produce we love about Snakehall Farm.  Situated just a short hop from the city in picturesque Reach, the farm comprises of 18 acres of organically certified land managed as a charitable social enterprise by The Prospects Trust. 

Committed to a philosophy of “Growing Differently”, they provide supported work experience, training and life skills to adults with learning difficulties, disabilities and varying health needs. Involved in every aspect of the farm from sowing, cropping and grading, they are supported and encouraged to grow.  There is also a wonderful farm shop on site, well worth a visit!

As more of Snakehall Farm's fantastic produce starts to arrive with us this summer, we'll be posting photos and keeping you up to date. 

To learn more about The Prospects Farm you can also visit their blog at  http://prospectstrust.wordpress.com/

In our delivery this week we received some very cheerful rainbow chard!

And some very cute mini cucumbers

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